A holistic approach to SEO
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Search Everywhere Optimization


The Foundation of h(SEO)
Search Everywhere Optimization

The act of searching online is rapidly migrating to places outside of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The growing popularity of new search venues and methodologies —think Pinterest, iPhone’s Siri, Foursquare, Yelp, etc.—has demonstrated that search is no longer performed solely on search engines. Consequently, the inception of new search venues and new search behavior have rendered a few of the traditional SEO tactics obsolete and necessitated a fundamentally new definition of S E O  - Search Everywhere Optimization – that offers adaptability and flexibility to address the changing search landscape.

The Search Agency’s “Search Everywhere Optimization” methodology delves into new territories of online marketing to better understand how new factors have changed the search landscape. The inception of contemporary search technologies has given rise to innovative search venues, new user behaviors, and ongoing alterations to search ranking factors. Traditional optimization tactics do not always address these factors sufficiently. Successful SEO campaigns must adopt a holistic approach to adequately address new, on- and off-search engine factors.

A holistic approach to SEO offers critical new tactics that address the changing landscape with h(SEO) bridging gaps created by the new search venues and adapts to evolving opportunities by integrating a “Search Everywhere Approach” into established SEO tactics. h(SEO) accomplishes this by:

  • Establishing social signals across alternative search platforms, not just search engines
  • Creating off-page authority and building legitimate topic expert signals via associations, affiliations, citations, mentions and connections
  • Leveraging different types of media assets to connect with users where they search, not just on search engines
  • Looking at ‘owned’ opportunities as well as ‘influenced’ opportunities to arrive at “SERP Domination”

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