A holistic approach to SEO
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h(SEO): A holistic approach to Search Engine Optimization

h(SEO) is a holistic approach to traditional SEO that provides the flexibility to address changes in search user behavior and the online search landscape, today and in the future.

With a growing percentage of search taking place outside of search engines, effective SEO must consider the expanded search universe—spanning traditional search venues, social media, multimedia and other vertical niche sites.

The Search Agency’s h(SEO) approach goes beyond just webs of links and volume of clicks, driving meaningful results through multi-venue tactics, engaging content strategies, and research-based analytics that can measure, inform and justify online SEO campaigns.

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h(SEO) challenge


Critical to SEO success, relevance can be improved through great content, an optimized site structure and reinforced through social sharing.


Building authority signals means marketers must think “beyond the link” and create crucial offsite brand visibility and topic to brand associations.


h(SEO) highlights the importance of post-click experiences that demonstrate the satisfaction of site visitor intent to both users and search engines.


Tangible metrics – a mix of traditional offline measurement with contemporary online analytics – can and should guide, justify and prioritize SEO efforts.